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Warehouses and garages are fitted with special doors whose operation is different from the normal house doors. Due to their enormous sizes, garage doors employ exceptional opening and closing mechanisms. Garage doors suffer frequent component failures due to wear and tear, electrical faults or exposure to harsh weather conditions. Consequently, constant attention is required to keep the numerous systems in proper working conditions. We offer quality garage door repair in Providence to address this problem.

Door panels are the most exposed garage door parts. From winter to summer they encounter different weather extremities that can lead to their damage. Door panels respond to these climate conditions by warping, bending or cracking. Unattended cases eventually lead to break ups or misalignment with the other parts. Contact us today for expert services in panel repair or replacement within Providence.

A failure with your garage door opener means a car stuck behind closed doors or a non- operational business. The menace could stem from a fault with the electric motor drive, drive belts, the drive train, limit switches, circuit boards or trolleys among other systems. Repair of door openers requires the alignment of the sprockets or warn gears found in the garage door openers. It requires a deep understanding of the mechanical and electrical properties of garage doors to fix opener problems.

Among all garage door parts, springs require replacement more often. They both act in tension or compression forces and therefore support most of the door weight during opening and closing. This activity subjects door springs to higher rates of wear and tear. It is in this regard that door springs have a life expectancy measured in cycles of opening and closing. Due to the detailed balancing required, garage door springs should never be repaired by untrained personnel.

Roll up garage doors use cables to control the opening and closing cycles. These cables run through the length from the drums at the top to the bottom part of the door. Garage door cables are subjected to high tensional stresses that cause their frequent breakages. Unfortunately, a single broken cable eventually leads to failure of the other cables due to the imbalance created. Call us today and get your broken garage door cable fixed by our experts.

Garage doors often fail to open or close even when everything seems okay. In such incidences, the problem is often with the garage door control units. The commonly used garage door control units are key switches, induction loop systems, key-less entries and push buttons. Without the right tools and proper knowledge about these units, it is impossible to address control unit problems. Do not wait for the nuisance to occur, call us for inspection and garage door repair in Providence.

Garage doors are made up of numerous parts that must coordinate well for proper functioning. Any malfunction in one part affects the operation of the other parts, eventually leading to a total breakdown. Maintenance should be performed occasionally to identify any signs of faulty parts. Let our team of experts perform regular maintenance and cut down on the cost of a complete replacement.

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